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“The day before something is a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.” – XPRIZE CEO Peter Diamandis

XPRIZE is an innovation engine. A facilitator of exponential change. A catalyst for the benefit of humanity.

We believe in the power of competition. That it’s part of our DNA. Of humanity itself. That tapping into that indomitable spirit of competition brings about breakthroughs and solutions that once seemed unimaginable. Impossible.

We believe that you get what you incentivize. And that without a target, you will miss the mark every time. Rather than throw money at a problem, we incentivize the solution and challenge the world to solve it.

We believe that challenges must be audacious, but achievable, tied to measurable goals. And understandable by all.

We believe that solutions can come from anyone, anywhere and that some of the greatest minds of our time remain untapped, ready to be engaged and unleashed on a world that is in desperate need of help. Solutions. Change.

Radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity.

Call us crazy, but we believe.

Maybe it’s because we’ve already facilitated oil recovery cleanup at triple the standard rate. Enabled the creation of a 135 MPGe energy-efficient car. And helped launch a $1.5 billion private space industry.

Maybe it’s the hundreds of teams who have signed on to revolutionize healthcare by creating an affordable, portable, wireless medical device, based on the Star Trek tricorder.

Or maybe it’s because we’ve seen our beliefs become reality.

We believe in making the impossible possible.


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