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08/22/14 - by: Nick Azer
The Moon teams introduce you to rocket labs, moon mining robots, and their own personal stories.
08/15/14 - by: Nick Azer
One moon-bound team partners with Lockheed Martin, while others hit the Science Channel and more!
08/08/14 - by: Nick Azer
Pioneers young, old, and robotic are getting hands-on in the field with their Moon missions.

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2014.08.26 12:39
A robotic space probe is due to set down on a comet in November, and now scientists have identified five sites where it could land.
2014.08.25 18:15
A robot---riding a hoverbike:

Human edition coming soon.

These hoverbikes are quadcopters, often used by #GLXP teams in testing software for Moon landers! Examples:

[Image: a robot riding the 1/3 scale model of the Drone 3 hoverbike, which you can get through their Kickstarter:]
2014.08.25 10:01
The launch service provider Arianespace confirmed late Friday that two satellites for Europe's Galileo navigation network were released into the wrong orbit after launching aboard a Soyuz rocket from French Guiana.
2014.08.24 09:10
The Japanese Moon rovers 'Tetris' and 'Moonraker' are working together to explore the Moon---including Moon caves.

Here's their story:

[Image: Hakuto/ハクト's TETRIS and MOONRAKER rappelling down sand dunes.]
2014.08.23 15:34
Rockets, robots---and the people behind them:

2014.08.21 11:12
"The #GLXP competition has given us the opportunity to do something grand, to drive kids to #STEM , and do something mighty!" 

"We want people to feel this is their spacecraft, too!"

Watch the complete Hangout with Google Lunar XPRIZE team +SpaceIL:

Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangout 007: Inspiring Generations with SpaceIL

"People want to be a part---we feel like that's the beginning of the Apollo effect. And it's happening now, while we work."
2014.08.20 09:20
Go back to the Moon, for good---at your planetarium!:
2014.08.18 19:24
Field Report From Mars: Sol 3753 – August 15, 2014

Opportunity just completed its first drives upslope on its long journey toward the crest of the highest rim segment of Endeavour crater, “Cape Tribulation.” Larry Crumpler gives us an update on what to expect next from the little rover that could.
2014.08.18 08:38
From an idea that started on a bar napkin between friends, to a major Moon effort that's raised tens of millions of dollars (enough to get to the Moon with some start-up innovation!), come visit the story of #GLXP  team +SpaceIL tomorrow during a live Q+A!:

2014.08.17 20:33
The Moon is pretty super.

Let's go!

(Next Supermoon is September 9th!)

2014.08.16 10:24
NEW VIDEO: Footage from chase plane filming descent of Falcon 9’s first stage back to Earth, after last month’s successful ORBCOMM launch. 

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2014.08.15 22:12
Lockheed Martin. Science Channel. CNET. CNN. Wired UK. Morgan Freeman.

All in one week of the Google Lunar XPRIZE! Cool partnerships, epic tests, and great videos:

The mainstream's catching on... #GLXP  
2014.08.15 15:16
The next Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangout is on Tuesday!

Moon explorers talk to you about how, and why, they're going for the Moon. For this edition: +SpaceIL!

RSVP & local time here:

2014.08.18 08:40
Added photos to Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangout 007: Inspiring Generations with SpaceIL.
2014.08.19 07:29
Join us to talk with Google Lunar XPRIZE team +SpaceIL about how they’ve risen to become a major Moon effort, their plans, and how they remain dedicated to inspiring people to get involved with STEM---and space!

A global team of scientists and engineers are all working toward constructing missions to land on, travel across, and send video back from the Moon. With this new Google Hangout on Air series, we will introduce you to the men and women behind each of these planned missions and bring you all the latest developments from the +Google Lunar XPRIZE. 
2014.08.14 12:41
"Each of the targets is a concrete landing pad, necessary because the downward-firing rocket is hot enough to melt the sand on the desert floor. Molten glass flying about won't do the lander any favors." -Tim Stevens, CNET

+CNET headed out to the Mojave Desert to hang out with Google Lunar XPRIZE team +Astrobotic---and their cool Moon tests:

2014.08.13 09:51
We're on +Science Channel tonight---the first episode of #ManVsTheUniverse  is "Mining the Moon", all about our competition and teams!

Featuring +Astrobotic, +Moon Express , +Part-Time Scientists, and more.

Airs at 10pm Eastern/Pacific. A must-watch!

Here's a clip with Moon Express:

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