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08/15/14 - by: Nick Azer
One moon-bound team partners with Lockheed Martin, while others hit the Science Channel and more!
08/08/14 - by: Nick Azer
Pioneers young, old, and robotic are getting hands-on in the field with their Moon missions.
07/31/14 - by: Nick Azer
Space veterans & young innovators alike are working hard to solve problems in getting to the Moon.

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2014.08.18 19:24
Field Report From Mars: Sol 3753 – August 15, 2014

Opportunity just completed its first drives upslope on its long journey toward the crest of the highest rim segment of Endeavour crater, “Cape Tribulation.” Larry Crumpler gives us an update on what to expect next from the little rover that could.
2014.08.18 08:38
From an idea that started on a bar napkin between friends, to a major Moon effort that's raised tens of millions of dollars (enough to get to the Moon with some start-up innovation!), come visit the story of #GLXP  team +SpaceIL tomorrow during a live Q+A!:

2014.08.17 20:33
The Moon is pretty super.

Let's go!

(Next Supermoon is September 9th!)

2014.08.16 10:24
NEW VIDEO: Footage from chase plane filming descent of Falcon 9’s first stage back to Earth, after last month’s successful ORBCOMM launch. 

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2014.08.15 22:12
Lockheed Martin. Science Channel. CNET. CNN. Wired UK. Morgan Freeman.

All in one week of the Google Lunar XPRIZE! Cool partnerships, epic tests, and great videos:

The mainstream's catching on... #GLXP  
2014.08.15 15:16
The next Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangout is on Tuesday!

Moon explorers talk to you about how, and why, they're going for the Moon. For this edition: +SpaceIL!

RSVP & local time here:

2014.08.18 08:40
Added photos to Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangout 007: Inspiring Generations with SpaceIL.
2014.08.19 07:29
Join us to talk with Google Lunar XPRIZE team +SpaceIL about how they’ve risen to become a major Moon effort, their plans, and how they remain dedicated to inspiring people to get involved with STEM---and space!

A global team of scientists and engineers are all working toward constructing missions to land on, travel across, and send video back from the Moon. With this new Google Hangout on Air series, we will introduce you to the men and women behind each of these planned missions and bring you all the latest developments from the +Google Lunar XPRIZE. 
2014.08.14 12:41
"Each of the targets is a concrete landing pad, necessary because the downward-firing rocket is hot enough to melt the sand on the desert floor. Molten glass flying about won't do the lander any favors." -Tim Stevens, CNET

+CNET headed out to the Mojave Desert to hang out with Google Lunar XPRIZE team +Astrobotic---and their cool Moon tests:

2014.08.13 09:51
We're on +Science Channel tonight---the first episode of #ManVsTheUniverse  is "Mining the Moon", all about our competition and teams!

Featuring +Astrobotic, +Moon Express , +Part-Time Scientists, and more.

Airs at 10pm Eastern/Pacific. A must-watch!

Here's a clip with Moon Express:

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2014.08.12 17:32
"What we're doing as a company is creating a long-term sustainable business of carrying payloads to the moon, so it's like UPS or a FedEx truck that flies regularly to the moon." -John Thornton, +Astrobotic 

CNN on the #GLXP , as part of its Art of Movement series:

[Image: a rendering of Astrobotic's Griffin, one of the many different Moon landers competing in the Google Lunar XPRIZE.]
2014.08.12 08:59
About an hour and a half after last week's Falcon 9 launch, and just before sunrise, bright turquoise noctilucent clouds appeared over Orlando. Caused by water vapor in the rocket’s exhaust crystalizing in high atmosphere, and being hit by the rising sun, they made for a pretty spectacular display.

Photo via Mike Bartils/
2014.08.11 16:13
The Google Lunar XPRIZE's +Team Indus @GLXP  has partnered with +Lockheed Martin!:

"We are a bunch of people who aspired for the Moon. Our moonshot is the Moon." - Sheelika Ravishankar, Team Indus

See Lockheed (working with the team's trajectory, descent, and landing) and all the other great sponsors signed onto their Moon mission:

#newspace   #lockheed   #GLXP  
2014.08.11 09:26
Not only does this look awesome (from the folks behind Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman), it also features Google Lunar XPRIZE teams +Astrobotic and +Moon Express!

Starts Wednesday at 10pm on +Science Channel:

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2014.08.10 16:03
"Supermoon Over Wellington"

This Sunday's Supermoon lights the sky over Wellington Harbour, New Zealand...

2014.08.09 09:45
MESSENGER---the NASA Mercury orbiter---by the numbers!

Several Google Lunar XPRIZE teams have MESSENGER veterans on board for their missions to the Moon... (Can you name them?)
2014.08.08 23:24
Explore the Moon, in 3D, with Google Maps!:

Complete with Tilt feature: go inside Moon craters and see the mountains! Mind blowing. 

Pictured here is the highest point on the far side of the Moon, Engel'gardt:


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