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04/09/14 - by: Nick Azer
A Google Lunar XPRIZE team has received a $16.4 million donation! A historic statement for space.
04/02/14 - by: Nick Azer
The Google Lunar XPRIZE teams were on a roll with rocket flights, lander tests, and great video!
03/26/14 - by: Nick Azer
Our first Hangout brings big news, as the teams forge alliances & explain challenges of the Moon.

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2014.04.18 13:58
Live from space: +SpaceX and their #Dragon  head to the #ISS (right now!):
2014.04.18 10:34
NASA's #LADEE mission has ended---by crashing (intentionally) into the far side of the Moon.

All about the mission and what it has revealed about dust in the lunar environment:
2014.04.18 09:32
We're going back to the Moon---for good.

Are you excited? Spread the word!

Every person counts.

[Image: +Team Stellar CEO Stjepan Bedic spreading the word in Croatia.]
2014.04.17 09:19
Team leader Michael Paul is Homecoming 2014's Honorary Grand Marshal! Next year's homecoming is going to be out of this world!
2014.04.15 19:46
The #teamspace vs #teamocean throwdown is on. Which do you want to explore?

[Inspiration in action @ #YouTubeSpaceLA.]
2014.04.15 18:51
Winning $20 Million #LEGO dollars.

(But seriously, you can win a trip to Hawaii with your own MoonBot!)

2014.04.14 16:06
A guide to tonight's lunar eclipse---and the rare 'tetrad' of eclipses that it's a part of:

[Image: Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET.]
2014.04.14 13:28
#SpaceX is launching to the International Space Station today---and carrying some interesting things with them...:

Edit: The launch has been postponed.  

[Image: The +SpaceX Dragon being mounted for flight.]
2014.04.10 13:42
Know anyone smart, 9-17?

Tell them about MoonBots!

They can win a trip to Hawaii with #LEGO  robots:

Registration is open until May 15th!

Trailer: Moonbots 2014: A Google Lunar XPRIZE LEGO MINDSTORMS Challenge!
2014.04.09 16:57
A former Red Hot Chili Pepper launched his new album.

Into space. 

(With a Google Lunar XPRIZE team!:)
2014.04.09 14:41
Team +SpaceIL  has received a $16.4 million donation!:

Their total budget is marked as $36 million (and they've previously announced having raised at least $20 million, so they're well on their way!)

"As an entrepreneur, nothing is as thrilling as supporting a group of people who have been told that their dreams cannot be realized." -donor Sheldon Adelson


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