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08/29/14 - by: Nick Azer
Great new videos from the teams as they do media features and get kids onto a space path!
08/28/14 - by: Nick Azer
The Grand Prize Winner and Runner-Ups of the 2014 MoonBots challenge are...
08/22/14 - by: Nick Azer
The Moon teams introduce you to rocket labs, moon mining robots, and their own personal stories.

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2014.08.31 16:17
The university-led team sending a lander to the Moon stopped in to talk with Accuweather about how they came together as a team, their dreams, and their plans:

+Penn State Lunar Lion XPRIZE Team  #GLXP   #pennstate  
2014.08.30 20:43
The next great planetary explorer could look like...this?

Read more about #NASA 's 'Super Ball Bot' that could be going to Titan:
2014.08.29 18:13
This morning, WhiteKnightTwo and #SpaceShipTwo successfully completed another test flight. After climbing to altitude, WhiteKnightTwo2 released SS2 and, a few seconds later, pilots Pete Siebold and Mike Alsbury conducted a "cold flow" test--running oxidizer through the propulsion system without actually igniting the motor. 

This was an important test, and a great dress rehearsal for our next powered flight, which is coming soon.
2014.08.29 10:22
Cameras on the Moon are a big challenge!

+CNET's Tim Stevens looks at #Germany 's +Part-Time Scientists, and how they're going to be bringing you the Moon's surface in HD:
2014.08.27 19:15
Ready for the Moon! And the beach.

+Team Puli Space, from the amazing #Hungary  ( #Budapest held the annual #GLXP  summit this year, and it's a truly outstanding place to visit!):
2014.08.27 11:10
The $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE finalists have been announced! Find out which teams rose through the ranks:
2014.08.26 12:39
A robotic space probe is due to set down on a comet in November, and now scientists have identified five sites where it could land.
2014.08.25 18:15
A robot---riding a hoverbike:

Human edition coming soon.

These hoverbikes are quadcopters, often used by #GLXP teams in testing software for Moon landers! Examples:

[Image: a robot riding the 1/3 scale model of the Drone 3 hoverbike, which you can get through their Kickstarter:]
2014.08.25 10:01
The launch service provider Arianespace confirmed late Friday that two satellites for Europe's Galileo navigation network were released into the wrong orbit after launching aboard a Soyuz rocket from French Guiana.
2014.08.24 09:10
The Japanese Moon rovers 'Tetris' and 'Moonraker' are working together to explore the Moon---including Moon caves.

Here's their story:

[Image: Hakuto/ハクト's TETRIS and MOONRAKER rappelling down sand dunes.]
2014.08.23 15:34
Rockets, robots---and the people behind them:

2014.08.21 11:12
"The #GLXP competition has given us the opportunity to do something grand, to drive kids to #STEM , and do something mighty!" 

"We want people to feel this is their spacecraft, too!"

Watch the complete Hangout with Google Lunar XPRIZE team +SpaceIL:

Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangout 007: Inspiring Generations with SpaceIL

"People want to be a part---we feel like that's the beginning of the Apollo effect. And it's happening now, while we work."
2014.08.20 09:20
Go back to the Moon, for good---at your planetarium!:
2014.08.18 19:24
Field Report From Mars: Sol 3753 – August 15, 2014

Opportunity just completed its first drives upslope on its long journey toward the crest of the highest rim segment of Endeavour crater, “Cape Tribulation.” Larry Crumpler gives us an update on what to expect next from the little rover that could.
2014.08.18 08:38
From an idea that started on a bar napkin between friends, to a major Moon effort that's raised tens of millions of dollars (enough to get to the Moon with some start-up innovation!), come visit the story of #GLXP  team +SpaceIL tomorrow during a live Q+A!:

2014.08.17 20:33
The Moon is pretty super.

Let's go!

(Next Supermoon is September 9th!)

2014.08.16 10:24
NEW VIDEO: Footage from chase plane filming descent of Falcon 9’s first stage back to Earth, after last month’s successful ORBCOMM launch. 

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