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07/25/14 - by: Nick Azer
Exciting & interesting questions about the Moon are explored by the teams---and media.
07/18/14 - by: Nick Azer
The past, present, and future are coming together to create the second space age.
07/15/14 - by: Nick Azer
Join our next Hangout on July 22nd, and catch up on all the past Hangouts!

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2014.07.28 16:11
To the Moon, or Mars?

+Peter H. Diamandis says it should be both, not either or:
2014.07.25 18:23
In our latest blog, the teams (and media) explore some of the interesting open questions about the Moon:
2014.07.25 13:26
As the world celebrates the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11's giant leap to the moon, some people are eyeing the celestial body's bounty of resources. But it's unclear at the moment who is allowed to extract and profit from the moon's resources.
2014.07.23 23:46
The expanse of the Sea of Rains---Mare Imbrium, on the near side of the Moon. 

Mountains, unexplored. 

[Image: NASA, Apollo 17.]
2014.07.22 12:07
Explore the future of the Apollo sites---tonight!

Live Hangout @ 6p PST: 
2014.07.20 22:42
The greatest #selfie  / #mirrorshot  in history.

Neil Armstrong takes a picture of +Buzz Aldrin, with himself reflected in Buzz's face mask. On the Moon.

#apollo45   #selfiesunday  
2014.07.20 20:00
Apollo was 45 years ago....but it's also today.

Join us on Tuesday to find out what's at the Apollo sites now, and what's in store for their future:

2014.07.20 16:00
What does #Apollo45 (the landing of Apollo 11, 45 years ago today) mean to folks like us?


For thousands of generations, people were out exploring. But since Apollo...we've kind of stopped.

It's time to get out there again. Like Armstrong & Aldrin on the Moon, like Lewis & Clark at the Pacific, like Edmund Hillary on Everest or Charles Darwin in the Galapagos or even Christopher Columbus sailing west...let's go boldly where no men, women, or robots have been before, and discover.

New places---from moon caves, to the far side of the Moon, to mountains unclimbed; to the vast expanses of Mars and to the great waters of Europa.

New knowledge. New ideas. New discoveries.

And ourselves.

(Let's go!)
2014.07.20 09:10
Landing on the Moon feels pretty good.

Who's ready for another adventure?

[Neil Armstrong, 45 years ago today, after that little hiking excursion on the Moon.]
2014.07.19 14:38
#JJAbrams#Pharrell#StephenColbert , #RichardBranson  and more recount what the Moon means to them:

A campaign from +Buzz Aldrin! Here's just one of the videos:

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2014.07.18 20:55
The past, present, and future of space are coming together---around the Moon.

Our latest blog on what's happening on the way to the Second Space Age:

2014.07.18 11:13
Celebrate the #Apollo11  anniversary on Sunday ( #Apollo45 ) , then explore Apollo's future with us on Tuesday:
2014.07.16 20:45
And for a very successful launch, 45 years ago today was the Apollo 11 takeoff!

If you want to make history...shoot for the Moon! #Apollo45


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